I walked away from social media today.

It wasn’t any one particular thing. Nobody said anything. There wasn’t some big argument. There wasn’t a cause, per se.

It’s just that nobody’s really listening to each other any more. Most people aren’t even listening to themselves.

Instead, we’re all engaged in this giant shout for our voices to be heard over everyone else’s. What we’ve achieved is a deafening din where no one can hear anything.

I decided I needed a break from that. I need a chance to hear my own voice for a while, if only to make sure that I’m really saying what I think I’m saying.

I’m not sure yet whether I’ll go back. I’m not entirely sure it matters if I do. In the meantime, I have some other things I do want to do, and I know they weren’t getting done because of the never-ending ¬†shouting match social media represents.