What’s your excuse for not growing your own food

I’ve heard most of them already: it’s too hard, too expensive, takes too much time, takes too much space, etc. The worst excuses run along the lines of why should I grow my own food when I can pay someone else to grow it for me.¬†Of course, all of these excuses are worth far less than manure-based garden fertilizer and represent all kinds of things wrong with the way non-food raisers think about food.

My challenge to you is what it has always been: grow your own food! You may not be able to grow very much, but what you can grow will provide benefits that will pay for themselves multiple times over down the road. The only thing standing between you and that payday is you. Get out there and do it!


4 thoughts on “What’s your excuse for not growing your own food

  1. Actually, it turns out that you don’t need a tiller at all, although I understand that many people learned to garden that way. Using the no-till gardening method, you can garden a small plot with a pitchfork and a trowel.

  2. Dont even need the pitchfork. Look up lasagne garden. That’s what I am doing, coz I am too old and decrepit to do a lot of hard work, but I grow one helluva lot of food with very little effort. The hardest part is running around with my truck and gathering up the materials. Still, its easier and it is pretty productive immediately. I dont do the lasagne any special way, I just use whatever happens to come to hand easily, and it just works. Most important parts are putting down a good weed barrier first and making sure to keep the thing mulched. Food is soooo easy to produce. But mostly I do it for the personal satisfaction. I have always said my garden is what keeps me sane. Thanks for the website, its very good; I only stumbled upon it today. Connie

  3. Connie, I’d never heard the method called that, but it’s very similar to what I am using in my raised beds, and you’re right, it works very well. Thanks for the comment and the advice.

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