The looming currency collapse

UPDATE: For those who find the linked video too painful (that is badly done) to watch, if you browse away from it, then click “Stay on this page” from the resulting pop-up” it will take you to a transcript of the video.

I’m not much for investment research firms for the most part, so I am skeptical when they give advice for free or as part of a thinly veiled promo for a product or service they provide. It is with that skepticism that I viewed Porter Stansberry‘s apocalyptically┬átitled “The End of America” video.

Most people find the subject of the video boring. Many people who actually watch it will see the video as a scare tactic designed to frighten them into using Stansberry’s products or services and will ignore its message.

I believe they will do so to their own detriment.

Whatever Stansberry might be selling, his analysis of the looming crisis with the American dollar and everything it could mean for our way of life is dead on. And, he only focuses on one narrow aspect of looming problems that threaten to create the perfect storm that could bring the American and world economy to its knees.

Again, it is easy to ignore what people like Stansberry or me are saying because it sounds so impossible, yet it is only impossible if one ignores the inevitable lessons history taught past nations and civilizations who thought the same things.

Now is the time, more immediate than ever before, for you to get ready. Get out of debt. Make sure you can provide for your own basic needs without the need for constant infusions of cash. If you live in a city, have a plan for how to get out and where you are going to go. Have supplies and means of self-defense on-hand.

I grant that I could be wrong and that these things may never come to pass. History is quirky that way. Yet, I cannot miss the fact that it can and does happen and that the United States is not exempt from that reality.

The signs are all there. Are you going to pay attention?


6 Responses to “The looming currency collapse”

  1. DJHitz says:

    “All this trouble over (money)some pieces of paper and a few bits of metal. How did we get this way? The only way to get out of this kind of debt (trillions of dollars) is to either get the debt forgiven or remove the debt in some way. Otherwise our deficit will endure for generations.”
    “I fully expect, some people will attempt to come into my home, someday to try to take what I have. Too bad for them.”

  2. dlhitzeman says:

    It got this way because so many people want something for nothing. Nearly all of our current debt can be traced back to social welfare spending.

    I pray that it does not come to the ends it could, but I suspect it will.

  3. DJHitz says:

    “In the meantime, I’m stocking up on candles, firewood, good drinking water, canned and packaged food and keeping, a full tank of gas in the truck to get to the farm and back when the time comes.”

  4. DJHitz says:

    “How long is this sucker? You can’t pause it, fast forward it, save it. Can it be downloaded for later, I mean, “Sheeze!” It’s lengthy.”

  5. DJHitz says:

    77 minutes on You Tube

  6. dlhitzeman says:

    It is long, I know, but I thought it was worth it.

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