When will you be ready?

If an emergency were to happen today, what would you do? What if the power went out? What if you could not buy gas or groceries?

What is your plan?

We live in unsettled times. Riots aren’t just for the Middle East anymore. Financial uncertainty, inflation, and shortages of critical goods are spreading. History tells us that it is exactly at times like these that you need to be ready because disasters happen quickly.

You don’t have to listen to me. There are plenty of other people saying the same thing, but the message is the same. Get ready. Be ready. There is danger ahead.


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  1. DJHitz says:

    You need food and water storage, a means to keep warm if it’s cold. Lighters, matches, candles, oil lamps, gas lamps and ammunition and blades help. As as many battery and hand crank necessary devices as you can muster. Generators run out of fuel after a while. So, fuel storage of some sort ought to be used. Quit making excuses and pay attention to this kind of thing. Prepare! Don’t put off your survival plan for the latest TV show or game.

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