200th Post on Worldview!


     The post “The Future of the West Is France” represents the 200th post I have made to my Worldview Weblog since I started it in October 2005. In celebration of the fact that I have successfully posted practically everyday since that first post, I am taking the opportunity to introduce some new content and to change the way I have been doing some things.

     First, I would like to thank everyone who reads this weblog. Without readers, the work I do here is meaningless, and I appreciate every one of you. Thank you! For those readers who have not already done so, please consider registering on the weblog and signing up for email updates. Registering gives the reader the ability to post comments, while email updates let you now when the weblog has been updated.

     I would like to invite everyone to check out my discussion forum at http://dennis.hitzeman.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl. This forum is an opportunity for Worldview readers to engage in ongoing discussions on the topics covered by Worldview. At this time, the discussion forum requires a separate username and password (I am still working on a solution; I’ll let you know when it comes). To entice the readers to at least check out the site, I have included several features, including several polls which will allow the users to comment on the Worldview Weblog and potentially influence the future content.

     The biggest change to the weblog will be the introduction of daily posting themes. In an effort to focus my writing on things I want to be writing about and to help me plan ahead, six daily themes will be used on the weblog. These themes will not preclude independent posts as the events of the day dictate, however they will help add to the content of the site.

     Mondays will be dedicated to the World Watch Preview. These posts will be a weekly focus on worldwide events, especially in countries I have on my select World Watch list that the readers should look out for, along with select commentary on those events potential significance.

     Tuesdays and Thursdays will be dedicated to Science and Technology writing, especially about robotics, space exploration, and history/archeology/anthropology- subjects in which I have a particular interest. These posts will replace the ‘Science/Technology Item of the Day’ posts.

     Wednesdays will be dedicated to the World Watch Focus. These posts will focus on a particular topic of note each week as they relate to World Watch, the War on Terror, and other items of global interest.

     Fridays will be dedicated to the World Watch Review. These posts will be a weekly focus on worldwide events that have occurred and their potential impact on us.

     Saturday s will be dedicated to posts on the ideas of Faith. These posts will cover the history, content, and application of our Christian faith.

     I do not have anything currently scheduled for posting on Sunday’s other that that day’s “Bible Study of the Day”, as I plan to reserve that day for remembering the Sabbath.

     Finally, I intend to continue the daily “Bible Study for the Day” posts everyday.

     The category system I have been using to date has been updated and simplified. This will allow posts to be better grouped for easier subject searching. This update will also allow for greater emphasis on the subjects I want to focus on writing about in the future.

     I have also added ‘another’ weblog to the main Worldview Weblog. I am currently posting a limited number of my posts to a Blogger weblog found at http://dennis.hitzeman.com/blogger. This weblog gives my posts a greater amount of exposure through the very large Google Blogger community, hopefully increasing my readership.

     Finally, look forward to additional content updates, additions, and more features added to the weblog in the next several weeks.

     Once again, thank you all for reading! I hope to continue to provide you all with the kind of content that keeps you coming back.

Dennis L Hitzeman

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