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Delayed Pace

As I am sure most of my regular readers have noticed, the posting on this weblog has slowed to an almost snails pace. This is due mostly to a temporary summer job that will continue until the end of July. In the mean time, I will continue to post while I am able, most especially to catch up with the Bible Studies for the Day. If all goes as expected, I will resume my regular posting schedule- that is posting regularly- around the first of August. Continue reading

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20060711 Bible Study for the Day: 1 Samuel 17:1-54

When the world thinks of strength, it thinks of Goliath’s kind of strength. The world wants a powerful champion, an unconquerable hero. The world wants the undeniable force of knowing it cannot lose because it is just too strong. God has a different view. God does not look for Goliath strength. God does not care about prowess or skill. Instead, God looks for what is in the heart. In the heart, God finds what He really seeks in those who look faithfully to Him as their strength and their shield. Continue reading

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