20060712 Bible Study for the Day: 1 Samuel 17:55-19:24

1 Samuel 17:55-19:24

     The world, the devil, and our own sin will stop at nothing to thwart God’s Will. In our sin, we constantly work against God as we seek our own ambition, ignoring the effect we have on others and even the consequences to ourselves. We are driven to stand in opposition to God and there is no way for us to bring ourselves into God’s way.

     That is what makes God’s free gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ so amazing and so needed. Without that Salvation, we would simply sin ourselves to hell, unable to do anything to save ourselves or avoid the inevitable consequences. Yet, through faith in Jesus, we simply avoid those consequences, paid for on our behalf by Jesus’ sacrifice. Through faith, God’s will is fulfilled, and the world the devil and our own sinful nature are thwarted.


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