20060713 Bible Study for the Day: 1 Samuel 20:1-21:9

1 Samuel 20:1-21:9

     Save marriage itself, the bond of friendship is one of the most powerful and enduring blessings God has given us. Friendship confers on the friends a kind of love, faithfulness, and selflessness that can be found nowhere else in all of creation. It is no accident, then, that friendship is so often celebrated by poets and authors as nearly akin to the love of marriage itself.

     It is also no accident that Jesus himself used the bonds of friendship when he described our faith in Him. Our faith is not just in the saving master creator of the universe, but also in a man who chose to become like us to the point where He offers each and every one of us one of His most precious gifts: His friendship.

     And it is that bond of our Savior’s friendship with us that forms part of the love that Jesus showed us on the cross. He did not die there just for our sins, just because we were His creation, or just because He felt sorry for us. Indeed, He died on that cross because He considered us His friends, friends in trouble and in need of a sacrifice that only He could make to save us.

     Consider that thought the next time you receive Communion. In that bread and wine, body and blood is not just the saving Grace of your Creator God, the Word made Flesh, but the promise and love of your eternal friend that loved you enough to die on your behalf.


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