20060730 Bible Study for the Day- Job 8:1-9:24

Job 8:1-9:24

     Again is repeated the argument that surely Job did something to deserve God’s wrath, and Job concedes this might even be so, but again Job returns to his central question: even if he had somehow sinned against God and deserved some kind of punishment, what could he possibly do to restore himself into the graces, of the perfect, all-powerful, all-knowing creator of the universe?

     Job seizes on the one of then central themes of human history and God’s history of salvation, and that is ‘What must I do to be saved?’. Too many want to answer that question with a laundry list of regulations and behaviors, with self-repentance and pious living, yet within those things still lies a core of doubt. How can we ever know we have done well enough? The answer is that we cannot.

     Thanks be to God that He as saved us by grace! We would have never even thought of God sending His son to die on our behalf, and even if we had, it would have been for our own selfish, sinful gain. God the Father did send His son, however, to die for us, ending sin’s reign, and to rise again, ending death’s reign. Then, God gives us faith in that sacrificial death and glorious resurrection as a free gift, a gift that guarantees us a place in Heaven. This is the grace that Job sought to relieve him from his suffering and the grace that saves us as well.


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