20060802 Bible Study for the Day- Job 13-14

Context for Job 13-14

Job and his friends continue their debate as to the nature of God’s affliction. His friends contend that Job is afflicted because he has sinned against God somehow. Job retorts that he is blameless and that his affliction unfair.

Job 13-14

No one is right. Job is wrong. His friends are wrong. That is part of the lesson God wants to teach us through Job’s story.

The Word tells us that all have sinned; therefore, it is impossible for our works to save us. It is this reality that invalidates both Job’s and his friend’s arguments. Job is no more righteous than any other sinner is, so he is not deserving of any special treatment from God. In the same way, because Job is just like any other sinner, why would God single him out for special punishment?

Instead, the truth is that our righteousness comes through faith in our God, His work, and His promises. We receive God’s righteousness because He gives it to us, and we avoid God’s wrath because he has mercy on us by His grace. Therefore, our works, for good are bad, are meaningless unless they are built upon our faith, and event then they do not save us.

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