20060831 Bible Study for the Day: 2 Samuel 13:38-14:33

2 Samuel 13:38-14:33

     The story of Absalom is the story of the intrigues that always seem to plague kings and nations when it comes to politics. While it might be difficult to see God’s Law and Grace in such a reading, this is a reading on the nature of men, which is to always seek what benefits them most, sometimes to the exclusion of what might harm others. The deeper nature of this reality will be reflected in what happens with David, Absalom, and Joab later.

     We are always at war with our sinful natures, constantly struggling against sin that is ever-present in our lives. We constantly want to do things that benefit ourselves and do harm to those around us, even those we care about deeply. Yet, we know that such actions are against our spiritual nature, which is dedicated toward living a life of righteousness toward God and at peace with out neighbors.

     The struggles of David’s family and the Kingdom of Israel serve as an example for what we should avoid as Christians. When we read God’s Word, it shows us through the lives of the people who were written about a model of what we should and should not do. By staying on God’s Word, we can then keep ourselves on the straight and narrow path by learning the lessons God provides for us there.


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