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20060930 Bible Study for the Day- 1 Kings 8:12-66

Solomon’s dedication of the temple he built to God is the greatest of offerings a man could make, yet such an offering was meaningless without faith in the God to whom the temple was dedicated. Carefully read the words recorded from Solomon’s dedication. Solomon did not exhort the people to sacrifice more, live more piously, or commit some other act, rather he encouraged the people to believe in their God and to trust in Him. That same exhortation applies to us today. There is no work or action that will save us, only faith in the God who has already saved us. It is that faith upon which we should concentrate, for our own benefit and the benefit of the Kingdom. Continue reading

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20060929 Bible Study for the Day- 1 Kings 7:13-8:11

The glory of the Lord filled Solomon’s completed temple when the Ark of the Covenant was brought into it. In that way, God proved to His people that He as very real and very present in the temple. That presence is the precursor to God’s promise to be with us always, even in our modern time. Continue reading

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20060928 What Liberal Government Wants You to Do

Liberal governments have struck deeply at the heart of personal liberty recently, casually and carelessly treading into the sacred ground of personal choice to fulfill the agendas of a relatively few people who find themselves in power. Ironically, most Americans seem to have no sense that their liberty is being taken away, even as governments at the local, state, and federal level become more and more bold about telling citizens what they can and cannot do. More ironically, these same citizens seem to condone the demise of their own liberty by continuing to elect these liberal governments in election after election. Continue reading

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20060928 Daily Web Roundup

The Daily Web Roundup is a collection of links to the news, commentary, and information I found interesting or useful today. If you want to read more of what is found in this post, find links to my favorite news, commentary, and information sites at Dennis L Hitzeman’s News Reading List. Continue reading

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20060928 Bible Study for the Day- 1 Kings 6:1-7:12

The Temple to the Lord that Solomon built in Jerusalem was a sight to behold, a beautiful and awe-inspiring building both outside and inside. That beauty and awe served a purpose beyond getting attention too, because the Temple was intended to remind all who were near it or in it of the God it served. The Temple on earth represented a pale image of the majesty of Heaven and its Creator. Continue reading

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