20061224 Bible Study for the Day- Isaiah 24-25

Context for Isaiah 24-25

Ultimately, God’s wrath against sin will be visited on all sinners, not just on Israel, Judah, and their enemies. The depravity of sin is complete, and God’s justice against it is also complete. This judgment is not without recourse, however, because just as God has promised to destroy evil, He has also promised to redeem those who place their trust in Him.

Isaiah 24-25

Christmas Eve is a time for celebration and song. On this night, we celebrate Christ our Lord and Savior come into the world as one of us, God become man in the form of a child born of a virgin in a stable. In this reality all Christians rejoice.

Isaiah 24 reminds us of why our God became a man- because that man came to live the perfect life we could not live and to die the death we deserved so that we can see Heaven. God’s judgment against sin is absolute, and that judgment was delivered with all of its fury upon Jesus Christ on Calvary’s cross.

So, while we celebrate our Savior come into our world, let us not forget why He came. In fact, let us rejoice all the more that Jesus was born on Christmas, because without His birth we would not have His death or His resurrection, and without those, we would not have our promise of Heaven.


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