20070202 What Our Fighting Men Think

Normally, I would post this link with my Web Roundup in the morning, but this post just could not wait and really deserves its own space.

BlackFive posted a “manifesto of sorts” from an Army Staff Sergeant currently serving in Afghanistan. If there is any doubt about what the military thinks about what is going on right now, I believe this manifesto represents the answers of 90% of them.

This Staff Sergeant’s answer also runs directly afoul of the popular thought espoused by the Liberal Media, most of our current crop of Congressional knuckleheads, and the great masses of American people who seem to get their views from one of the two previous sources. This Staff Sergeant’s view is also correct, and it is the view that, if embraced by enough Americans, will ensure that we win in Afghanistan, Iraq, and wherever else the war against fundamentalist Islam takes us.

For now, what the readers of Worldview can do is get this BlackFive post into the hands of as many people as possible. If only a few of them read it and change their minds because of it, then we are that much further along toward not losing the war against our enemy who killed 3,000 of our fellow citizens on 9-11.

Let’s Win This Thing,


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4 Responses to 20070202 What Our Fighting Men Think

  1. Frog says:

    What an excellent article. I’ll come back to this site more often to get some good reading.

  2. djhitz says:

    After reading this article an many of its comments, it’s nice to know how close to other peoples madness that I am. Most of these folks are saying “If we’d just drop the hammer or the ball. We could get on with what Iraqi Freedom is all about.”
    Unfortunately there’s a giant civil situation between Shiites and Sunnis.
    As far as the quotation from President Theodore Roosevelt. He’s always been my favorite.
    The collegiate mind should never superiorize itself nor should any other mind.

  3. dlhitzeman says:

    More from the author of the original linked post.


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