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20070207 Letting Military Men Fight Our Wars

Lee Harris, a contributing editor at TCS Daily, recently posted an article suggesting a potential way out of the impasse that seems to be developing within the US government over the current and future conduct of the war in Iraq. Mr. Harris suggests that the solution might lie in the President removing himself and politics from the equation by delegating the everyday responsibility of Commander-in-Chief in Iraq to someone else. Continue reading

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20070207 Bible Study for the Day- Matthew 7:13-29

Christianity is a hard path. Jesus tells us that it is hard in Matthew 7:13-14 by comparing faith to a narrow gate. One can imagine that gate sitting high in a pass in some forlorn mountains at the end of a treacherous and difficult path. This is the gate to Heaven, distinguished from the wider gate on the easy plain which leads to hell. Continue reading

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