20070209 Worldview Web Roundup

The Worldview Web Roundup is a collection of links to the news, commentary, and information I found interesting or useful over the past week or so. If you want to read more of what is found in this post, find links to my favorite news, commentary, and information sites at Dennis L Hitzeman’s News Reading List.


Apparently the Israelis Get ItFox News

It appears that the Israeli Mossad- kind of like a combination of the American CIA and Delta Force- recently assassinated a top scientist involved in Iran’s burgeoning nuclear program.

If we want to stop the Iranians from building nukes, we should take a page from the Israeli playbook. We cannot stop a totalitarian theocracy whose stated goal is to force the entire world to believe what its leaders believe from building any kind of weapon by talking nicely to them or threatening to embargo things they already do not have or want. Instead, we make them pay attention and stop by might and fear.

Generations of Americans understood that America’s strength lay in the strategic display of its might. Why do we miss that now? It’s time to take off the gloves a show these people we mean business. It might be bloody, but there is no way they can win.

Roman Soldiers in ChinaFox News The Telegraph

It appears that the ancient world was not so big as we would like to believe it was. Scientists are taking DNA samples from the people of the remote Chinese village of Liqian to determine whether they are descendents of Roman soldiers captured by the Huns. Now that is interesting science.

Let’s Not Forget What This War Is AboutBlackFive

Sometimes in the midst of trying to wake the world up to the fact that fundamentalist Muslims are trying to kill us, I forget to remind everyone that no all Muslims are trying to kill us. BlackFive provides a striking example of the latter.

So Why Isn’t He Running For PresidentBlackFive and Mudville Gazette

Joe Lieberman is a liberal. He stands for a lot of things I don’t, but he stands for just as many things that I do. He is also probably one of the most intellectually honest politicians in Washington right now, liberal or not. Given a choice between him and the current crop of Republicans running for president, it would be a close call as to who I would vote for.


The Rise of the Private StateTCS Daily

Here is an interesting article on the notion of the rise of private armies as the counter to the growing influence of non-state organizations like al-Qaeda. Whatever one’s opinion on the subject might be, it is a compelling thought to consider as part of the ongoing development of the nation-state.

Great BooksAn Uneasy Priest

The great books of human literature have always been a fascinating subject to me, so this post naturally caught my eye.

About My Favorite BandGet Religion via An Uneasy Priest

Turning Our Attention to IranReal Clear Politics

Our Enemies Get What Our Congress Does NotBlackFive

It appears that al-Qaeda in Iraq is very clear on its goals in Iraq- to achieve victory there at high cost if needed. Meanwhile, our Congress, and really the American people, dither about how to get out of Iraq without looking like the idiots we already appear to be to our enemies. The end result is that we’re sewing our own seeds for the next 9-11.

Thomas Jefferson and the KoranThe US Veteran Dispatch

It’s interesting to note the parallels between Jefferson’s issues with the Barbary Pirates and our own problems today with fundamentalist Islam.

No, this is not a new problem, our enemy’s capacity is just better.

Huh, Preemption Defeats Enemies Before They Have a Chance to Do Something BadTCS Daily

Who knew?


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