20070222 Bible Study for the Day- Matthew 8:1-22

Context for Matthew 8:1-22

This passage of Matthew concentrates on the notion of faith. Faith is the central theme of who we are as Christians, and understanding that faith through examples of it help us conform ourselves to who God would have us be as the faithful.

Matthew 8:1-22

Jesus was amazed at the faith of the Centurion, not because the man had faith, but because the man had faith that was lacking in the people who inherited God’s Word through their lineage as Jews.

One of the things that the faith of the Centurion points out to us is that faith is not defined by who we are, but by what we believe and by what that belief causes us to do. The Centurion understood who Jesus was, which was why he came to Jesus to begin with, and he understood what Jesus was capable of, which was why he showed humility before Him.

We should take this example of faith as a measure of ourselves. It is far to easy, especially for Christians ‘born into’ Christianity, to take our faith for granted, becoming as guilty as the Jews of Jesus’ day of believing something we do not understand. Instead, we should take that faith and constantly apply it to ourselves and what we do, revealing our faith through our actions to ourselves and everyone around us.


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