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20070228 Bible Study for the Day- Matthew 11:25-12:21

Jesus’ declaration that He is ‘Lord of the Sabbath’ shows us what it is that God truly desires from us. What God wants is for us to embrace our faith with our lives, dedicating ourselves to doing His will, not following rules with the hope that those rules will somehow save us. Continue reading

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20070228 Science and Technology First Look- Linksys Wireless G Music Bridge

The Linksys Wireless G Music Bridge is one of the coolest electronic gadgets that I have purchased in a long time. In basic terms, the Music Bridge allows a user to transform a PC into a jukebox by connecting the PC to a home stereo system using a wireless B or G network and whatever music playing software the user already uses. It does so by redirecting the local PC audio from the PC speakers to the Music Bridge. Continue reading

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