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20070827 Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic

Martin Lewis, whom I must admit I had never heard of before today, has landed squarely on my “enemy of the United States” list. Continue reading

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20070820 Society- Activism Reprised- Activism versus Advocacy

In my previous post on the legitimacy of activism, I leveled a broadside against what I see as the thoughtless, visceral, emotional nature of activism. Of course, such a generalization is dangerous simply because it risks lumping the legitimate, rational, intellectual support of an important cause in with the kind of activism I wrote against. Continue reading

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20070818 Society- Who Gave Activists Legitimacy?

You probably know the people I am talking about. These are the people who rave wild-eyed and shrieking voiced about whatever their chosen cause might be. Any attempt to engage them in conversation on their chosen topic immediately disintegrates into a diatribe as soon as someone asks a question. Continue reading

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20070814 Politics- Knowing Something Is a Qualification for Running for President

Watching Barack Obama run for President, I have now identified what at least one of those qualifications should be: Presidential candidates should know what they are talking about when they run for President. Continue reading

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20070813 The Draft and Dodging the Hard Facts

Unfortunately, both the fundamentalist Leftists and General Lute are both wrong. The current problems that the US Military-especially the Army and the Marine Corps-is having sustaining combat operations in Iraq and elsewhere have little to do with the need for a draft and everything to do with the will of the political establishment to pay for America’s defense. Continue reading

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