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20070910 Worldview Web Roundup

The Worldview Web Roundup is a periodic post of links to the news, commentary, and information I am reading right now. If you want to read more of the kinds of things found in this post check out Dennis L Hitzeman’s News Reading List. Continue reading

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20070910 Military- Why Do We Keep Doing It?

The debate over whether to abandon Iraq rages on. What happens if the people we are asking to lose just quit?

…I am privileged to count myself among the numbers of people who have voluntarily chosen to serve this nation as part of the United States Military even during those times when such service has been unpopular, difficult, even unwanted. I have done so because I believe in the American ideals embodied in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. I believe that the United States of America is something great, and I believe that greatness is worth defending to the death, if necessary… Continue reading

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