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20070912 Politics- What Did You Expect Him to Say?

[…] What I don’t understand is what the fundamentalist Leftists really wanted General Petraeus to say. Did they really expect him to come before the Democrybaby Congress and say, “You know what guys, you were right. This whole thing in Iraq is just way too hard. We should just get out of there as quickly as we can.” Even if we were “losing” in Iraq, what general would advocate panicked retreat as an option, and we are certainly not losing in Iraq. […] Continue reading

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20070912 Miércoles en Español- ¡Hola!

¡Hola! Además de siendo un escritor y un aviador, soy un estudiante y soy estudiando español en la universidad. Soy también casado a una profesora de español y soy amigos con otros profesores de español. Pero no hablo o leo … Continue reading

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