20070919 Worldview Web Roundup

The Worldview Web Roundup is a periodic post of links to the news, commentary, and information I am reading right now. If you want to read more of the kinds of things found in this post check out Dennis L Hitzeman’s News Reading List. Do you have news or information you think needs to be rounded up? Email me at dlhweb1 at hitzeman dot com.

Today’s Sources

Day by Day | Fox News | Jules Crittenden | Michael Yon | Opinion Journal | Reuters | The Times of London


Nukes and Chemical Weapons, Oh My!

Fox News | The Times of London

Syria is apparently having some problems with Weapons of Mass Destruction: They keep blowing up, one way or another. Odd that Syria is right across the border from al Anbar, Iraq…

Israel Declares Gaza “An Enemy”


After three dozen Israeli soldiers were injured by a rocket attack, Israel responds by labeling Gaza and its ruling Hamas an “Enemy Entity”.


An Iraqi Opinion on Iraq

Opinion Journal via Michael Yon

Fouad Ajami provides an Iraqi view of the state of affairs in Iraq. Sometimes, it’s not our opinion that matters.

It All Depends on Where You Are

Day by Day Cartoon

Chris Muir drives the point home that one’s perspective on Iraq is often driven by one’s proximity to it.

The Pinochio Test

Jules Crittenden

Fred Thompson claims the United States has shed more blood for other people’s liberty than any other country. The Washington Post calls him a liar. Jules Crittenden officiates.

Science and Technology

Meteorite Crash Makes People Sick

Fox News

Something fell from the sky in Peru and the people think it’s making them sick. Andromeda Strain, anyone?

Scientists Try to Save Old Languages

Fox News

Linguists are trying to document ancient, rare languages before they die out. Perhaps they should also ask why no one wants to speak them anymore.

Old Footprints

Fox News

Scientists find old iguana tracks. Perhaps I’m trying to start a fight…

Social Network Finds Camera’s Lost Owner

Fox News

Seven degrees of separation and email gets a lost camera back to its owner.

🙂 Turns 25

Fox News



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