20070927 Limited Hiatus

Over the past several months, I have struggled to keep up with the writing I have wanted to do on this weblog in balance with the rest of life. Unfortunately, I think that the weblog has suffered most from this competition of attention.

As a result, I am taking a limited hiatus from writing here in order to concentrate on some of the other things I have going on, most importantly being a full-time college student. I am not, however, abandoning the weblog altogether.

My current plan is to continue to post the Worldview Web Roundups and Miércoles en Español when I have time, simply because I am reading the news and taking Spanish anyway. What I will likely stop posting is most of my current events commentary, instead focusing the time I have on developing the factual essays that I have always wanted to be the foundation for this weblog.

The result of this hiatus will be far less in depth posting in the near term but far more meaningful posting in the long term. Hopefully, as school and demands on my time change, I will be able to return to more regular posting at some point in the future.

Until then, thank you to all of my readers who made writing this weblog worthwhile. Please “stay tuned” as Worldview evolves.


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  1. keba says:

    Stay the course!

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