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20071121 Schools Out! Schools Out!

Well, my quarter is finally over, so I now have some time to turn to this weblog. Beginning this weekend, I plan to engage in quite a few upgrades of the site, including a version upgrade of WordPress, an upgraded … Continue reading

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20071111 Veteran’s Day 2007

20071111 Veteran’s
Day 2007 Thank you to all
of my brothers and sisters
in service who have
willingly served and
sacrificed in times of war
and in times of peace to
ensure that our great
nation remains strong and
free. Without your service,
this post might have been
written in a different world
or not at all. I pray that all
of us still serving will
continue to bear the torch
of service handed to us by
those who have gone
before us. A nation is built
upon its citizens, but it
perseveres because of
those who serve. God
bless our veterans and God
bless America. -=DLH=-
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