20071227 Worldview Item of the Day

Opposition Leader Benazir Bhutto Assassinated in Pakistan

BBC | CNN | Fox News| The Long War Journal

Benazir Bhutto was hardly a saint, but she was likely the best chance for the return of some semblance of democracy and a true hard line against the Fundamentalist Muslims that threaten to overwhelm her country.

Her assassination threatens to overflow the tensions in a country already at the brink of civil war and worse; a country that also possesses a functional nuclear arsenal. Further, such unrest can only further reduce Pakistan’s ability to participate in the greater War on Terror.

The world has reached yet another juncture of a dangerous time. As the forces of tyranny march toward dominance, assassination and chaos are their most powerful weapons. It is for this reason alone that the word must continue the fight against Fundamentalist Islam, or risk suffering the same consequence.


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