20071228 Worldview Item of the Day

Black Five

General David Petraeus provides a candid look at 2007 in Iraq. His bottom line is the one that so many Americans and virtually all fundamentalist Leftists choose to miss: progress has been made in Iraq, and while that progress is fragile, progress can still be made in 2008.

General Petraeus’ message provides a clear frame of reference for the political machinations that will continue to dominate American media and conversation in the next year. Every voter must make a choice in 2008: win the War on Terror or let our attention drift and suffer the consequences in Iraq and around the world.

Unfortunately, this election season has spawned the worst kind of “lesser of evils” choices in recent political history, but it is that state of affairs that makes the choice we will make more vital than ever before. As we have seen with the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, our enemies have not forgotten their war. The question is whether we will.


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  1. keba says:

    And why does it continue to be that we must root out sources of positive news from that part of the world? Even when there is little to no “negative news” on a day, the positive is still ignored.

    Seems like most would just like to ignore the whole world and watch Dancing with the Stars.

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