20080101 Looking Forward

God’s blessings in this New Year!

The first day of a new year is an opportunity to have some optimism. We can look at the problems of the year past and promise ourselves that we will resolve them in the year coming. Today we can unabashedly hope, and for today that hope can be well founded and untarnished.

As Americans, we face one of the most important challenges in the history of our nation this year, one that overshadows every other consideration that we will likely face. This year, in a time of war and global uncertainty, we will vote for the next President of the United States.

Ironically, the person we elect in 2008 will impact us far less during the four years he or she will be in office than will in the years and decades that follow. This presidency will make decisions that will reverberate through decades, perhaps centuries, of American politics and world events.

This president will face the reality of a world threatened with the growth of fundamentalist Islam and its primary strategy of global terrorism. This president will face the tough decisions of whether to see Iraq through to success, how to stabilize Afghanistan, how to deal with Iran, and how to help prevent Pakistan from collapsing into itself.

This president will have to be a strong foreign policy leader while also taking a strong stance to reign in out-of-control spending and government intrusion into our lives. This president will have to face the issues of illegal immigration and border control and deal with them. This president will have to develop an economic strategy that will likely govern the next decade of American progress whether he or she serves for four or eight years.

What makes this choice so important is not just what this president will have to face, but that this president will face these things on our behalf. We are a nation of, by, and for the people. Our president is not our ruler; he or she is our chosen executive representative, bound to our collective will by our choice through the Constitution.

Ultimately, then, the choice we make is the one we have to live with, not just during this new president’s tenure in office, but during the years that follow as the president’s policies have their greatest effects. These factors make the choice we will make during our various primaries and on 11 November 2008 the most important ones we will make in 2008.

Because of this importance, much of this weblog between now and 11 November will concentrate on this choice. We only have one chance to decide, and we must make the right choice for ourselves and for generations to come.


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