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Roundup through 26 January 2008

The Worldview Web Roundup is a periodic post of links to the news, commentary, and information I am reading right now. If you want to read more of the kinds of things found in this post check out Dennis L Hitzeman’s News Reading List. Do you have news or information you think needs to be rounded up? Email me at dlhweb1 at hitzeman dot com.


Fox News | Jerusalem Post | Jules Crittenden | Jungle Trader | Long War Journal | PC World | Pink Tentacle | Winds of Change


By the Way, We’re Still Fighting in Iraq

Long War Journal

And doing a damned good job of it too. Go ahead, obsess about the economy or health care. Turns out none of them can blow you up.


Combat causes murders? The NYT gets shin-kicked by bloggers for bad reporting

Winds of Change

The New York Times recently published an article claiming that the rate of murder among War on Terror veterans was increasing. Bloggers find the NYT’s process lacking.

Also, read the comments on the Winds of Change article. They’re informative at the very least.

Science and Technology

Cyber criminals go for the juice

PC World

The CIA revealed at a recent security conference that they have evidence of criminal hackers attacking the computer systems used to control power grids for the purpose of extorting money from the people affected. This disclosure reveals more than ever the need for comprehensive computer security and defense for both infrastructure and individuals.

Who knew there were raccoon dogs?

Jungle Trader

I sure didn’t. They’re kind of cute too. I wonder if I can get one?

Modern archeology verifies Biblical accounts

The Jerusalem Post via Jungle Trader

A stone seal discovered in archeology outside the old walls of Jerusalem bears the name of a Temple servant family mentioned in Nehemiah.

Cyber vision gets a little bit closer

Fox News

Scientists have successfully attached electronic circuits and components to a contact lens without obstructing vision, an important step toward technologies that could lead to virtual displays and vision enhancement technologies in the future.

Power Suits to Assist Farmers

Pink Tentacle

I don’t usually think of farmers when I think of power suits, but here it is. Of course, power suits won’t help older farmers when they’re dead, but that’s a different problem.

Intelligent animals kill their own kind

Jules Crittenden

Jules Crittenden points out a UK-Telegraph story on scientists who have uncovered that some dolphins brutally kill their own young. Wait, is this a story about humans?

Maybe someone will make Crittenden’s connection between animal behavior and humans…


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