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The new joins the old

[…] Drudge, on the other hand, has revealed himself to be the Mainstream Media in a new format, complete with disregard for the moral implications the release of information might have. What relevance does he continue to have to reforming the way people receive information if he violates the basic tenet that the media cannot place itself above the moral responsibility that comes with reporting the news? […] Continue reading

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The political hits keep right on rolling

If there is any remaining doubt that the New York Times is a leftist hack rag, then this piece should put the question to rest. Hot on the heels of the NYT’s hit piece on the innuendo about McCain’s relationship to a lobbyist comes a question as to whether McCain, who was born to American military parents on a US Military installation in the Panama Canal Zone, meets the technical requirements of a “natural-born citizen” found in the Constitution. […] Continue reading

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Leading Democrat candidate pledges to compromise America’s ability to defend itself

[…] Welcome to the end of the American Republic, folks. When politicians believe that contracting American defense to its allies and international groups while simultaneously funding socialism by punishing anyone defined as being too rich through taxes and forced subjugation to the government, then the fate of the Republic is truly in question. […] Continue reading

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Starbucks realizes it’s about the coffee?

[…] Um, isn’t that what they’ve been saying they’ve been doing all along? […] Continue reading

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Calling things what they are

[…] It seems to me that the French are suffering some culture shock about having a president who speaks his mind and acts like a human being, even one they don’t necessarily like sometimes. It seems to me that France is learning a lesson that we have endured since George HW Bush took office. […] Continue reading

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