Points of agreement

Worldview Item of the Day for 15 February 2008

I agree with veteran journalist Joe Galloway on very little. His commentaries and opinion pieces reveal him to be exactly the kind of modern fundamentalist leftist whose positions I directly oppose. Don’t get me wrong, I respect what Mr. Galloway has done in his career, but his opinion and his politics stink.

Yet even with someone I disagree with so wholeheartedly, there are points of agreement. One such case is his recent commentary on the GI Bill and veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. While the nation lurches toward fascist healthcare and direct government intervention in matters of personal finance and economy, it also continues to ignore the contribution of its most gallant citizens.

What is worse is that we know from history the benefits of such investment. While one can debate how many social programs benefit society as a whole, providing education and investment capital to men and women who have matured and developed their dedication and leadership in combat pays dividends that benefit this nation for decades, even centuries, after their actions have passed into history.

The next generation of America’s great leaders are being molded in Afghanistan and Iraq. The next step in ensuring these men and women are able to become part of America’s future greatness is to ensure that they have the ability to participate in the education and economy our nation has to offer. They have made great sacrifices on our behalf. We owe it to them to let them prove what those sacrifices have made them into.


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