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It seems that the left just doesn’t get military service, whether it is the service of a prince or a pauper.

Whether it’s a leftist accusing a prince of imperial ambition or a pauper of not being able to find a better job, the moral is still the same: military service–service to one’s country and its ideals–is bad.

The question becomes why leftists think this way.

Of course, any such question is difficult to answer succinctly, but I believe that a significant part of the answer is that leftists refuse to accept that nations need to be defended and that there are people who willingly undertake that defense.

I saw a bumper sticker today that said “Trillion Dollar War, Who needs healthcare?”. I think that idea pretty much sums up the leftist view of national defense. In their view, it’s not ok to go into deficit spending to defeat one’s enemies, but it’s ok to go into debt to pay for the healthcare we’ll all need when our enemies start trying to kill us because we don’t have national defense.

And because we don’t need such defense, there is no justification for those who want to defend us. In the leftist view, the national defenders are unnecessary adventures and freeloaders living off the public dime. It would be ok if they were just plain old princes or welfare cases, but princes and paupers with guns and patriotism are straight out.

Unfortunately, we Americans seem poised to elect one of these very kinds of leftists as our president in 2008. Way back in 2001, quite a few of us remarked that we were glad it was George Bush and not Al Gore in the White House on 9-11. Back then we understood the value of defense and patriotism. I guess, sometime after January 21st, 2009, we may well get the chance to see what it might have been like on 9-12 without a wartime president.

I suspect then the leftists will want to be surrounded by lots of princes and paupers in military service. I wonder where they’ll find them.


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  1. djhitz says:

    Yes, John McCain is about the only qualified candidate to be our commander.
    It shudders me to think “Slick Willie’s” sticking up for his wife. I mean, that Rhode’s Scholar, never did learn to salute.
    Don’t you remember, Nakita Kruschev, banging his shoe on the table at th UN in 1960. He said we’d give up without a fight.
    America doesn’t want to lose itself. It’ll fight for itself just as soon as the next season of “Dancing With the Stars” (puke) is over. A few years ago it was “Friends”.

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