Dhimmitude comes to Harvard

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Dhimmi: a non-Muslim who nevertheless agrees to abide by Muslim law (Shari’a) so as not to offend Muslims (yes, that’s a paraphrase…).

Harvard University recently enacted a policy for women’s only hours at one of the university’s recreational facilities after several Muslim women complained about not being able to exercise because they were forced to do so with men.

Now, on principle, having separate exercise facilities or times for women might be a reasonable request for a variety of reasons. The problem with this request is its direct relationship to a specific religion’s requirements, requirements that very likely would not be acknowledged if it were any other religion besides Islam.

For example, I am a Christian who believes in literal creation, yet I am forced to take science classes that not only do not teach creation as a possible explanation for the universe, but do not teach any other possible explanation other than evolutionary theory. Based on Harvard’s standards, do I have the right to petition the university to be excluded from such science classes because of my beliefs? Not likely, I think.

Of course, my previous example might not be a fair parallel. So let’s say that, as a Christian, I want to petition the university to not allow secular music in its public gathering and eating areas during certain times of the day. Is this a fair and reasonable request? Again, I think not.

Showing deference toward particular groups because of their religious or ethnic beliefs is a slippery slope, especially when that deference is forced on a larger, unbelieving population. Giving Muslims places to gather or pray is one thing, restricting access to public facilities or changing policies on their behalf is another thing entirely. The question is where does such deference stop.


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  1. djhitz says:

    Defer, a fight!
    This might be a bit strong for this situation but let’s get one thing, straight. As diversified as the American culture has always been, big, bawl, babies seem to stamp, their feet and get their, way, often. (Remember, the first American, killed in the Boston Massacre was freed slave, Chrispus Attucks). When people say, “I can’t, complain. No one will listen, anyway.”
    They are wrong. I say yes, they get listened to but will their conscience, allow you to function in your daily life as a whiner, tattletale, etc?
    Forgive me, if I sound biased to those spoiled, young, ladies at Harvard, I seem to think that Harvard wants to keep any kind of insurance, liability at bay. That’s one reason, why they might give in on this gym schedule. They’re also scared of making any kind of Moslem faction, angry for obvious, reasons (terrorism). Let’s say it’s a catch-22, scenario to keep many interest groups, protected in our “even though we were here first/the heck with you”, let’s kiss booty to the “new world order”.
    Say, Moslem rule came to your, county. You are given the choice to pledge allegience to Mohammed and your life will be spared. Will some of you say, “yes” so that you will be allowed to live?
    Not, I. I’ve thought a lifetime on this. I would make myself sicker, than I already am to procaim my fealty to Allah. I shall proclaim, Jesus as my, Savior and God as my God and His, Spirit will be doing the talking. I hope, my passing is swift.
    When they come to apprehend, me. I have my own, Guhrka. It’s Moslem, designed for dismemberment. They try to dismember our society. Insure this, Horvorrd, Boston.
    This is my version of deference, DL.
    “Harverd, giving way to pomposity of an international kind.” Didn’t it used to be an all men’s, campus like the Citidel used to be?
    New World Odor/ Mucking, traditions of America, a mile a minute.

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