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Before you accuse

Here is something for any activists, leftists, progressives, or socialists who might come across this weblog or post to consider. None of the following terms:








Et cetera…

refer to race. […] Continue reading

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Apologizing for someone else’s actions

Today, the House voted to issue a formal apology to American blacks for the wrongs committed against them by slavery and segregation. […] Continue reading

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A question of liberty

I had the misfortune of being involved in a conversation recently involving a particularly politically liberal professor and some students who are probably too young to have a real political persuasion beyond “yeah, what she said”. The basic topic of this conversation was how bad Fox News was, as proven by the documentary OutFoxed, because it is a “Republican propaganda machine” that “needs to have something done about it”. […] Continue reading

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Carbon emitting kids

Who didn’t see this coming: a pair of doctors in Britain want Brits to limit themselves to just two children because each additional child helps contribute to global warming. […] Continue reading

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Armchair Professions

Worldview Thought of the Day I wonder which is worse: an armchair general or an armchair diplomat? -=DLH=-

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