Yeah, wear shoes

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Flip-flops and their assorted foot-smacking cousins are a pet peeve of mine. I hate how they sound, how they look, even how they make people behave. Now, there is medical credibility (video) for my credo, “Put some shoes on, damnit!”


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  1. djhitz says:

    Tavorisch, I say. The man has a point. I insist on calling them sandals but my wife insists on calling them flip-flops. I hate the name, flip-flops. I used to wear them a lot in the old days when I’d often ride my bicycle to try to tan my feet. Who has time to tan and these days in a societal, melonomic, sunscreen #40,000,000? I guess sunburn is “politically incorrect”, eh?
    Not to mention some very “ouchy” foot injuries sustained as far away as my own garage. You put you flip-flops on and go into the garage and “Whack!!” One simple industrious move gets your toes smashed.
    Don’t,you hate how the thing feels,jammed between your toes?
    I’ve seen the so called, “Jesus” sandals the leather toe ring, the ankle sash, a very thin sole though. These might be better but you don’t see these, mass produced. Our, Godless society probably would not want to produce anything our Savior would trod in. So they market the evil, flippity-flops.
    In seeing the roads in pictures around Jerusalem and Nazerath. Timberlands, might be the better course. Thank, God for my Rockies and Merrells and Ozark Trails even deck shoes.

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