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All Done

Maintenance is all done.

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Maintenance Mode

Please forgive the mess. Worldview is under maintenance at the moment.

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Laughing Wolf on preparedness

[…] Preparedness is an important part of being a citizen. Being prepared means not being a victim, not relying on governments that may fail, and being able to render aid to those who may need it. Preparedness is a mark of responsibility.

Be prepared. […] Continue reading

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Fixing Ohio’s economy

[…] If Ohio wants to solve its current unemployment, Ohioans are going to have to be the ones who do it. There is a way for that to happen; people just have to do it. […] Continue reading

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McCain/Palin 2008- Now it’s a campaign

[…] In the McCain/Palin ticket, we have a strong foreign policy, government reform president backed by a young, intelligent, up-coming executive who will have access to the greatest learning lab in the world as vice president. McCain’s selection of Palin is a selection not just for 2008, but 2012 (God willing, as a vice president again), 2016, and 2020 (she will be 48, 52, and 56 respectively). McCain’s selection represents a departure of the status quo of Washington partisan politics and the potential for the establishment of a twenty-four year long dynasty of conservative reform. […] Continue reading

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