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I believe that the Mainstream Media, especially the video media, has a particular political agenda when it reports on the events in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the general War on Terror (war against fundamentalist Islamic totalitarianism), which agenda contends that the fight against religious totalitarianism is really a fight led by American imperialists against the misunderstood. As a result, even when reporting by the MSM is factual, this agenda taints what they report and how they report it.

Fortunately, in the digital age, the MSM is not our only source of news. From my perspective, two weblogs in particular stand out as excellent sources of ongoing, factual, detailed reporting on the War on Terror that puts most of what the MSM is reporting right now to shame.

The Long War Journal is an outstanding weblog reporting on events occurring throughout the War or Terror, but whose reporting on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan I find peerless. Winds of Change has a broader scope, but this weblog’s analysis pieces are amazing.

Being informed is one of the basic responsibilities of a citizen of a libertarian democratic republic. Without information, citizens cannot hope to make good democratic choices, and without good democratic choices, libertarian democratic republics fail. In times such as these, it is more important than ever not just to be informed but to be informed completely.

Because the MSM is not doing its job, it becomes the responsibility of citizens to seek out sources that do. These two weblogs represent two alternatives to the MSM that are doing that job well.


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