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clip_image002Have you ever asked yourself “what exactly am I doing here” as you sit in your church pew on some Sunday morning? I know I have, and it is a question that often haunts me as I struggle to understand my life in the light of the Gospel. Did God really put me here just to be another American? Is this all there is to being a Christian in the modern age?

It turns out I am not alone in asking those questions. The author of the weblog Dispatches from the Post-Evangelical Wilderness levels a scathing indictment against suburban Christianity, that teaching that says if you go to church every Sunday, tithe regularly, and serve on a committee from time to time, that’s all there is to sanctification.

I join him in crying foul.

Scripture clearly defines what sanctification is, and it is not the American Dream. Sanctification is setting the world and its ways aside, taking up our crosses, and following Christ, by faith, to heaven. Sanctification is seeking first the Kingdom and its righteousness. Sanctification is spreading the Gospel to all nations.

There is nothing in anything that the Bible tells us that says we should get good educations, good jobs, and retire comfortably. There is nothing in anything the Bible tells us that says our pursuit of the Kingdom is supposed to be comfortable or easy. There is nothing in what the Bible that tells us that all our church is supposed to be is a place people gather on Sundays to sing and socialize.

If you disagree, answer me this: how many people live within shouting distance of your own church that have never heard the Gospel? That’s your fault, Christian.

It’s time to get out of our comfortable pews and comfortable lives and start living; living the way Christ would have us live.




H/T to Josh S.

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