Who do you trust to handle this?

Worldview Item of the Day

Russia, the Cold War’s recently re-aggravated old bear, is moving forward with plans to finish a nuclear reactor in Iran capable of producing materials that Iran could process into components for nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, the same grumpy old bear is planning military exercises with Venezuela. Oh, and North Korea is reassembling its nuclear weapons material producing reactor.

Given these states of affairs, who do you trust more to be able to handle US foreign policy in the next eight years: Barrack Obama, who has pledged to unilaterally enter into negotiations with nations who have threatened the United States, or John McCain, who has pledged to defend US interests and allies against these very kinds of threats?

The choice in this election is clear: vote for a strong endorsement of the United States’ adversaries through bad foreign policy or for a strong foreign policy based on confronting the United States’ adversaries wherever they are. If you really believe that Obama can achieve a good economy and affordable healthcare without strong foreign policy, go ahead and vote for him. Otherwise, the clear choice in November is McCain, whose policy is strong in the face of this nation’s adversaries.


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