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In following the coverage of the presidential campaign for the past several weeks, I have discovered and interesting thread in the mainstream media coverage of McCain’s vice-presidential pick, Sarah Palin. Because Palin does not support the belief system of the socialist left the MSM has adopted, they are casting her as an intellectual throwback out of touch with the progressive notions they presume the rest of the nation holds.

Unfortunately for the MSM, it appears that quite a bit of the rest of the nation does not hold to such beliefs. Therein lies the heart of the fight for the presidency in 2008, and victory lies in whether the significant number of Americans who personally identify with the beliefs that Palin represents actually vote in November.

In realizing that the tendency of biblically founded, morally based, conservative voters to actually vote in 2008 will likely determine who wins the presidency, I have come to a conclusion based on those same beliefs. I contend that if Christian conservatives do not vote their conscience in November, then they are acting as hypocrites to their beliefs.

Belief requires action as surely as faith produces works. I cannot say that I am pro-defense, pro-family, or pro-life, then sit by and watch someone who stands against every one of those principles get elected any more than I can claim that I am a Christian and continue to live like a heathen. If I claim that I believe the things Palin believes—there may be differences, but I know I do not believe what Obama believes—but do not work to get her elected by at least voting, then I am a hypocrite.

I think what has happened to many Christian conservatives is that they have been deceived by the socialist left’s contention that faith should not inform belief and that such an informed belief should not have a place in government. I think that many Christian conservatives are afraid or embarrassed to let their beliefs show in their politics because they are afraid they are doing something wrong.

We are a nation governed of, by, and for the people, and that kind of governance means that every belief has a voice. Further, faith compels Christian conservatives to act out of conscience if nothing else.

On 4 November, Christian conservatives have a chance to send a clear message to the socialist left: we the people do not believe what you believe and we will not allow you to misrepresent us any longer. If we the people act, then the socialist left cannot help but hear our message. If we fail to act, then we get what we deserve.


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