They never saw it coming

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Courtesy of BlackFive comes the report that Aurora Flight Sciences is developing a VTOL UAV called Excalibur capable of carrying Hellfires and other air to ground whacking goodies. This machine has all kinds of potential for making America’s enemies sweat.

The Excalibur happens to be from the same company that produces the GoldenEye series of UAVs responsible for a spate of UFO sightings down in Florida a few years ago.

This UAV also joins a growing number of advanced weapons systems under development for or by the military like the Gryphon glider and the MULE, which promise to give the military the ability to deliver devastating, precise capabilities against enemy targets with a minimum risk to military personnel. Down the road, we might see these kinds of capabilities coupled with Marines delivered by ballistic missile.

By the way, these are exactly the kinds of programs that Barack Obama wants to cut if he becomes President of the United States.


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