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I grant that I am not an economist, but it seems to me that, with the combination of the projected federal budget, the current federal deficit, and the proposed Wall Street bailout plan, the federal government will control more than 25 percent of the gross domestic product if the bailout plan passes. More correctly, the federal government will split that control with foreign governments who own a substantial share of our government’s debt.

Whoever controls that part of the GDP, it is not the people of the democratic republic that supposedly exists of, by, and for them.

I find it interesting that political candidates who constantly claim they want to represent the people are engaged actively in the process to rob those people blind and to ensure that a quarter of the economy that makes America the most powerful nation in the history of mankind will now be firmly under the control of the few thousand domestic and foreign oligarchs who will actually determine how all of that money will be spent.

If you think all of this situation is a bad one, perhaps you should consider contacting your representatives and telling them so.


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