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My favorite daily email, Very Short List, sends this link to one of the coolest political map sites I have ever seen. If you want to spend some time trying to figure out how people will vote in the upcoming election, this website is definitely a resource for your quest. I find the most interesting thing about the site is the obvious changes in demographics that have occurred with American voters since the 1840s.

Maps like these represent part of a larger body of predictive data that I think could go a long way toward solving some of the problems that straight polling has suffered from over the past few elections. I think building this kind of data more explicitly into the polling model could allow pollsters to create a far more accurate view of American opinion than they currently do.

I wonder what would happen if the media suddenly started being able to present more accurate and meaningful polling data on what the American people think. How would such data change how people behave and vote? I’m betting that the results would be startling.


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