Star power

I’ve been making the contention lately that the Republican Party and the McCain campaign haven’t been trying as hard as they must to win this election. The rhetoric over the weekend is a good start, but they still have a long way to go if they want to win.

An example of why I think the way that I do can be found in an event going on at Sinclair Community College today. Cuba Gooding Jr. will be at the college to take students across the street to vote early on behalf of the Obama campaign and the Ohio Democratic party. This is the third event like this in three weeks and the second in a week to feature a Hollywood celebrity.

For those of you who may not know, Sinclair is one of the largest community colleges in the country with 24,000 students enrolled this quarter, making it one of the largest target audiences in Ohio. It might be easy to ignore this event except for the fact that there is no trace of the McCain campaign or the Republican party at Sinclair except for lone voices like my own. A few brave souls, mostly students with a high tolerance for insult, take the time to make the case for McCain, but the organized effort of his campaign and party does not exist.

As I pointed out in a pevious post, McCain already conceded Michigan, and it looks a lot like he has at least conceded Dayton in Ohio. If McCain wants to win, he has to get a visible, active presence here now. He cannot afford to lose Dayton because he cannot afford to lose Ohio.

If the McCain campaign is listening, we need help and help now if we are going to help you win this election.


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  1. keba says:

    It’s very frustrating – there is barely any Republican visibility in Montgomery County. Just because the area may be predominately blue, doesn’t mean that the Republicans should just write the place off. It makes me think that the few of us conservatives there are in Dayton aren’t really worth the effort.

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