Finally, a real debate

We finally had a real debate. I would call it a McCain victory by a hair, but I do not think that changes the path of the election, at least not tonight. Instead, I think this gives McCain and his campaign–and all of us that support him and his campaign the nine days until the next debate to drive the message home. McCain needs to turn Palin loose and go on the warpath himself.

If McCain is not on the upswing by next Thursday, I think the chances for him to win will be drastically diminished. If you are reading this blog and care that McCain wins, this post is a call to action over the next week and a half.

Specifically, for those of you who have weblogs, get on them and write. Tell people you support McCain and why. Link to weblogs that explain what you think. Get the message out. 14% of likely voters remain undecided. We can help them decide.


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