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22:04 So where was the moral obligation to Iraq?

Who would not have intervened in the Holocaust? By Obama’s spoken standard, we should have intervened in Iraq solely because he was murdering hundreds of thousands of his own people, including by the use of chemical weapons. So which is … Continue reading

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22:01 Sweet, Obama finally admits he doesn’t understand!

Ok, ok, that’s not what he really said, but he should have. -=DLH=-

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21:50 So, which is it

So far, Obama has claimed that the economy, social services, the environment, and health care are the most important issues of our time. McCain may not be able to do more than one thing at a time, but Obama appears … Continue reading

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21:47 Time, gentlemen

Tom Brokaw is grumpy and the candidates are long winded. Brevity is the soul of wit. -=DLH=-

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21:44 Nuclear power creates jobs

Who knew the splitting of the atom was so powerful that it was an economic force? -=DLH=-

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