Losing sight of the bigger picture

In the last 24 hours, I have had three conversations with otherwise diehard conservatives ceding the election to Obama because they cannot get excited about McCain.

So let me get this straight: because McCain has been a centrist on issues like immigration, campaign finance, and social programs, you are going to let one of the most liberal candidates ever to run for the White House win instead?

This reasoning is the insidious trick that the autocratic socialists who now dominate the Democrat leadership are trying to play on all of us. The left has convinced us to turn our thoughts away from the fact that we are fighting two wars, one of which will not end in our lifetimes. The left has managed to change the national conversation by convincing us that we are in dire peril domestically, peril that is the result of George Bush and peril that can only be fixed by the socialist policies of Barack Obama.

Think about this! It was the Democrats who passed the Community Reinvestment Act and amended it to force banks to make subprime loans. It was operatives of the Democrats, some of whom now serve on Obama’s campaign, who ran Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and laid the groundwork for subprime lending outside the protections of the CRA by buying up the loans with the implicit guarantee of a government bailout. It was the Democrats who just passed one of the largest single procurements in the history of the world, thereby allowing the government to take possession of millions of American homes by buying the mortgages people are paying on them.

In short, the Democrats caused this crisis then used it as a way to convince the rest of us to cede even more of our liberty to the government by electing Obama.

Consider Obama for a moment. He wants to raise taxes on the rich. He wants to enact a government takeover of healthcare. He wants to retreat and hand victory to our enemies. He wants to cut military spending while our military forces are in harm’s way. He wants to enact as much as a trillion dollars in new spending on domestic welfare when the government is running a $13 trillion dollar deficit.

It is an irony to me that, thirty years after Jimmy Carter planted the seeds we now see coming to fruition by helping pass the CRA and by allowing the United State’s staunchest ally in the Middle East to be overthrown, we are now poised to elect his ideological half-brother to ensure that the mistakes Carter made can continue for another thirty years.

Why vote for McCain? Why get excited about McCain? Because he represents the only chance we have to defeat the kind of policies Obama represents that we know are failures. We need McCain because the alternative is to have a president that will make things worse for our children and grandchildren. If that thought does not give you pause, then we are lost.


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  1. mom says:

    We are not only fighting a war against terrorism, we are fighting a war against radical liberalism. That liberalism includes socialistic ideals that will destroy our Republic. It makes me very angry when so-called conservatives are willing to concede defeat! I refuse to give up or give in! What are you going to do?

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