As you might have noticed

The Worldview Weblog has taken a huge leap forward by doubling its writing staff. We (I can say that now) have two contributing authors for the site. Welcome didymus 53; check out his first post.

Adding an author brings up a good point too. The goal of Worldview has always been, in part, to act as a proactive voice for the Christian conservative outlook. One of the ways Worldview accomplishes that task is through regular content, and regular content is most easily achieved with many authors.

So, do you think you have what it takes? Do you want to join the chorus of web writers by espousing your point of view? If so, here is your chance. I am inviting anyone who reads this weblog and who is interested in writing here to submit samples of their writing to me at dlhweb1 at hitzeman dot com for my consideration.

My criteria for acceptance is simple: I am looking for Christian conservatives who adhere to a clearly orthodox faith and a clearly libertarian Constitutionalist political philosophy. Good writing helps, but I am more interested in ideas.

Again, if you are interested, please contact me a dlhweb1 at hitzeman dot com with samples of your writing.


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2 Responses to As you might have noticed

  1. djhitz says:

    Hey! Whoa! Wha… When you said you were going to modify the site, I thought it’d be simple. Us, half, computer, illiterates can’t hang with this. My screen’s too small for this. Help me! Help me! I’m being overwhelmed! Aaaaahh! Just in time for Halloween. DL look what, ye tech heads hath wrought now. Change it back, please.
    On another note, folks. Don’t fret the economy bottoming out this week. Our class is more use to being broke and poor than most.

  2. dlhitzeman says:

    A agree the look is bigger and different, but the theoretical advantage is that I can spend more time writing instead of messing with the site now.

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