20:45 What McCain has to do to win

It is difficult for some people to hear, but John McCain is dangerously behind. Some people, not just me, say McCain has already lost. I am not willing to say that just yet (I did not say that before either), but McCain needs to do something powerful tonight and in the next several days to win.

First, McCain must wrest the issue of economy from Barack Obama by pointing out and pounding that most of the foundational problems that helped lead to the current economic instability happened during Democrat Congresses and Democrat administrations. Further, Barack Obama is directly tied to some of the very people who helped create the problem to begin with. He needs to hammer Obama’s anti-American associations and his socialist tendencies.

Second, McCain needs to reintroduce the very real fact that the most important things that the next President of the United States will do in the next four years is deal with national security. He needs to remind the American people that Iraq is not done, that Afghanistan is not done, that Iran has just started, and that al Queda is far from finished. He needs to remind the American people that Russia invaded Georgia just a couple of months ago. He needs to remind the American people that Obama is completely unprepared to deal with those facts.

If McCain does these things, he will win. If he does not, he will lose. In short, if the headlines are economic ones on 3 November, McCain loses, but if the headlines are international ones, he wins.


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2 Responses to 20:45 What McCain has to do to win

  1. keba says:

    He needs to not listen to everyone “advising” him and just do his thing.

  2. dlhitzeman says:

    That’s very true.

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