Seven days to go

So, we’re finally a week away from the election. Finally.

We’re also finally a week away from deciding as a nation whether we will continue to follow the path of liberty our Founding Fathers set for us or whether we will formally ask the government to take our liberty in favor of some promise of security.

I’m not talking about the military and intelligence kind of security that the government is Constitutionally obligated to provide. I’m talking about the socialist kind of security that promises universal health care, no-fault financial bailouts, and the redistribution of wealth based on the whim of 536 people. I’m talking about trading liberty for the promise that the government will protect our daily lives from our own actions.

Unfortunately, I think that most people to whom the latter appeals conveniently ignore the disaster that is every such security program the government has promised to date. Medicare and Medicaid are going bankrupt. Social Security does not have enough money to support the retirement of the Baby Boomers let alone those who will retire after them. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are bankrupt. As a nation, we owe ourselves 50% of our GDP in debt, most if it accrued in the past decade.

The hope those of use who are libertarian by nature can hold to is that, if John McCain is not elected in 2008, we will, God willing, have another chance to protect liberty from the apathy of socialist security in 2012. Even still, we have seven days to not have to wait until then. We should use them wisely.


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  1. keba says:

    Wow…throwing money at things doesn’t fix them.


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