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Five days to go

Five more days to hear about how people think the president should affect the economy and create jobs.

We have five more days to realize the president does neither thing without the action and consent of the Congress. The thought of what a Democrat Congress and a socialist president might do to the economy should have intelligent people voting against Obama in unprecedented numbers, yet somehow the polls show people continuing to support him. […] Continue reading

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95 Theses for a modern audience

A huge, great hat tip to Aardvark Alley for this one! “I’ve got 95 Theses, but the Pope ain’t one.” Priceless!

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American Tiger or Kitten? – Use Your Brains When You Vote Next Tuesday!

I’ve heard it repeatedly on TV news (including Fox) this election season from the mouths of liberal and even some conservative pundits: Something to the effect of “…Of course the bad economy plays into the hands of the Democrats…”  The … Continue reading

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Six days to go

Six days to go until we elect the man who will have to deal with the inevitable crises of the next four years.

Senator Joe Biden was not off the mark when he pointed out that world will test the next president. The world’s intent to challenge the United States is already clearly evident. These tests will not even be manufactured, as Biden suggested, except for, perhaps, the test caused by the consequences of retreating from Iraq before that country is ready to care for itself without our help. Instead, these tests will be the natural extension of the forces at play in the world as it already is. […] Continue reading

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Seven days to go

So, we’re finally a week away from the election. Finally.

We’re also finally a week away from deciding as a nation whether we will continue to follow the path of liberty our Founding Fathers set for us or whether we will formally ask the government to take our liberty in favor of some promise of security. […] Continue reading

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